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Number of Application KL20210520003175 Date of application 2021/05/20
Preferred date
of arrival
1980-10-12 Country(area)
of Export
ZW,ZIMBABWE,辛巴威 Country/Area:Rabies-free/ Rabies-infected
Port of entry (TSA) Taipei International Airport (Songshan) Quarantine Premises Animal and Plant Quarantine Center
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RobertHet Type of applied ID Business Registration Certificate Number of applied ID 8716
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82343482486 Copied ID upload
E-MAIL lewismatthias3096@gmail.com     lewismatthias3096@gmail.com CAPTCHA
   Please check out the email and input the CAPTCHA, only after the confirmation you can proceed the application.
   Application should confirm that the email address and the device are available.Please check out the notification regularly.
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the pets
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Address(where the pets
will be reared in Taiwan)
City:Hsinchu County ZIP: Kwekwe
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form Taiwan 
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Receive the permit -Fax(Taiwan Only) 84653336391
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1、I understand and accept that the final quarantine premises may differ from the one on application form, and agree to pay their quarantine fees when post-entry quarantine is required. Animals found to be suffering or suspected of suffering from infectious animal diseases, must be treated by the import animal quarantine personnel as deemed necessary. Examples include being detained in quarantine isolation until the suspicion of having the infectious diseases is ruled out, and so forth.
2、If the dogs/cats arrive at a time and the following procedure of quarantine and declaration cannot be completed before 13:30 pm, the dogs/cats shall be kept in the holding area (or cargo building). This holding time does not count in the quarantine period. Please arrange a proper flight for their arrival to avoid the situation of dogs/cats cannot be transported to the quarantine facility on the arrival date.

Y I agree
Total Quantity
of animals
Dogs-0,Cats-0 Apply Status In Process

Pet information
Breeding and import of Pit Bull Terriers are banned by the COA starting March 1, 2022.
Breeding and import of Pit Bull Terriers are banned by the COA starting March 1, 2022. The banned Pit Bull Terriers include American Pit Bull Terriers (also named American Pit Bulls) and American Staffordshire Terriers.
The full text of the ban (in Chinese only) is given as follows: https://gazette.nat.gov.tw/egFront/detail.do?metaid=127719&log=detailLog
Pit Bull Terriers that have been bred on or before February 28, 2022 are not includes in the scope of the aforementioned prohibited importation, but relevant supporting information shall be provided to the competent authority of the Animal Protection Act (the central competent authority is the Council of Agriculture, and the local competent authority is the municipality and county (City) Government). Only after its confirmation can the relevant importation matters be continued.

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